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King Darius The Great

KingDarius TheGreat

Here at International Music Magazine, we get all kinds of music, from all types of artists, from all over the world.  But there are times when a song comes through that clearly stands alone in terms of originality, creativity, and overall talent level.  Self Love (Re-Up) by international recording artist/writer KingDarius TheGreat, along with R&B sensation Hayzell B, is undoubtedly one of those records. 

 In a time of uncertainty, when it comes to global power structure politically, and economically, this song serves as an escape from the madness, and an embrace of the one person you should be able to trust most in these trying times, YOURSELF!  The song begins with angelic, harmonious rifts, from the absolutely stunning Hayzell B, as she beautifully preps the listener while leading them to an extraordinary display on the instantly impactful chorus.  Packed with a combination of power, soulfulness, and poise, Hayzell B confidently shows why she was the sought after artist for this role on this very necessary record. 

As you are now fully tuned in, KingDarius TheGreat begins with his quickly witted, melodic rap style, that is not only wonderful on the ears, but highly knowledgeable as he reminds us that now is the moment we must tune into ourselves in terms of exhibiting love, with rhymes like "Damn time flys when you're chasing dreams, pray I fulfill em before I'm gone like Martin Luther King.". He continues this superbly written demonstration effortlessly throughout the remainder of the first verse and second verse, delivering both with top tier poetic essence, as if Shakespeare himself penned these words.  All in all, the chemistry between these two artists shine through enormously, as it keeps the listener fully engaged from beginning to end, with the goal of implementing a much needed message of Self Love being fully accomplished by the time the last note is heard. 

It's records like these, that can ultimately shift the negative path of our planet, to one of positivity and peace when embraced properly.  If saving the planet had a soundtrack, Self Love (Re-Up) by KingDarius TheGreat & Hayzell B would definitely be on the playlist hands down!

Self Love (Re-Up)
KingDarius TheGreat & Hayzell B

Self Love (Re-Up)
KingDarius TheGreat & Hayzell B

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