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Sleepy Loco Unveils New EP "In Mook We Trust"


The one and only Sleepy Loco has unveiled a new EP titled, "In Mook We Trust". The 6 track project is jam packed with captivating music and Sleepy Loco's unique sound. Straight out of Memphis, Tennessee he applies his southern vibes with resonating stories about his life. It's no surprise he has acquired such a loyal fan base. 

The first track "Be Myself" is the perfect way to lure in listeners. The production is a classic hip-hop beat, mixed with piano and light vocals. Sleepy Loco begins to describe the trials and tribulations he has faced with passion and honesty. 

"My best friend stabbed me in the back. I should've seen it coming. Focused on the wrong things. Runnin' up behind a woman. Had me out here lookin' stupid. But that's what love do."

"I had to be myself. Couldn't be nobody else. I did it on my own. Didn't need nobody help. So when we on the road just know we blowin' Os. And if I die today, this how my story goes."

The second track titled, "Spaceship from Memphis" reveals there's more coming from Sleepy Loco. He states, "I give thanks to God and can't forget about Mook. He make a spaceship just for me and I took off to the moon. It's part one of my movie, part two coming soon." The beat is smooth and melodic and ends with a short skit. 

As the project continues, a collaboration consisting of Sleepy Loco and Don Trip commences. The track is titled, "100 Million Dollar Dreams".  With a catchy hook and witty word play, the track will certainly gain attention.

Sleepy Loco is extremely transparent about his experiences within his music. The song, "Always Workin" reveals how raw his lifestyle is. "I'm always working. I can never take a nap. I jot down these memories to illustrate the trap."

"I Can't Feel" is filled with storytelling and vivid memories. Sleepy Loco pours his soul into his music and this song is a great depiction of his love for it. "Real pain in my music. You n*ggas livin lies. I stopped feelin' emotions since my n*gga died. In Mook we trust."

"In Mook We Trust" concludes with the song, "The Heaviest of Hearts". Sleepy Loco describes his pain and sorrow within 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Tt's imperative to let it all out in hopes of coping eventually. Leaving himself vulnerable to his fans, Sleepy Loco has chosen a great track to finish the EP. "My heart heavy. Back and forth I've been fighting depression. They took Mooky too early. I lost grandma to cancer. I pray to God for the answers. Right now I feel ignored. No one can fill that void. Is life worth living when the people that you love ain't in it?"

It is evident that Sleepy Loco has a lot to say pertaining to his life, loss, love, and the progression of his career. "In Mook We Trust" will give you a visual of what it's like inside the mind and heart of this one of a kind artist. Be sure to follow Sleepy Loco on social media by clicking on the links provided below!




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