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Katherine Swain "Changes" Ft. Rhyrmrcka x Bookowski

Charting R&B singer Katherine Swain is back after the global success of her latest singles. Now by way of Fantomusic she brings us "Changes." The record features Rhyrmrcka with production by Bookowski.

A 70's soulful backdrop nostalgic of a Pam Grier era drives the track along with Swain's passionate, at times boisterous vocals. Her relatable tale is about broken promises. She's tired of hearing baby I'll change with no actions to follow. Rhymrcka's verse hits heavy and backs Swain up. As her vocals fade out Swain leaves us with her own changes to make. Stream the single and connect below. 


Connect with Katherine Swain 

"Changes" Credits
Writers: Katherine Swain, Fantom of the Beat, Delmar Coward, Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski 
Produced by Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski for Fantom of the beat.
Mixed by A kid named Cus.
Mastered by Tim Boyce.
Additional vocal production by Pleasant Russell



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