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CopyRyte (Brunswick, GA) Has "Been That" Ft. KXNG Crooked (Single)


CopyRyte hailing from Brunswick, GA announces the drop of his new single "Been That" featuring KXNG Crooked.

The duo spits verses to solidify everything they have already done in Hip Hop and in life while sideline rappers look on in awe. A gritty, head-nodding backdrop heightens the record's intensity and rawness. 

A clear-cut echoing hook hits heavy throughout the record while CopyRyte points out he's been outshining trash rappers, he's been stealing the show with his unstoppable pen & mic game, and he's been fresh and fly. Stream "Been That" and connect below. 


Instagram: @iamcopyryte

Twitter: @tharealcopyryte

Facebook: CopyRyte



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