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New Music: Soulja P – Bootcamp: Deployment | @souljapmusic


New Music: Soulja P – Bootcamp: Deployment

Florida has been a hot spot for indie artists for the past couple years. Artists that have really changed the way we hear and listen to music. Soulja P is one of those artists that is still making serious moves across the world, not just the USA.
Soulja P was first signed to Lil Zane and really learned a lot from that relationship. That friendship impacted him majorly and shaped him into a well-developed artist. Now we have this heavy spitter that is rocking the music industry at its core. 
The name of the new project is “The Bootcamp Deployment” and it is loaded with 31 songs. Bangers from beginning to end. Lil Zane is even featured on this project. 
Click the streaming link below right now to listen to this masterpiece right now:

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