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Headkrack (@headkrack) - "Violence" (Video)

Ever watch someone destroy themselves? The show could come across to some as either a campy 70s horror flick or art…maybe both. One thing is for certain. Watching and listening to Headkrack destroy his inner demon is a bit disturbing, entertaining, and thought-provoking. VIOLENCE directed by Kansas Bowling is dingy, ominous and something we’ve all been through. While we all don’t have the creative muscles and lyrics showcased in this imagined tribute to self-destruction we can relate to. “The problem is him,” Krack rhymes. “I’m a m’fn problem.” This is not a sad journey by any means. He even chooses to do it with a smile. Cinematically, VIOLENCE is crazy fun to watch as you dissect the clever word-play line by the ‘what the F am I watchin?!’ line. Bass thumps as a skittering beat doubles back and forth. Over this backdrop, HeadKrack declares, “Woke up today and chose violence, came here to kills this shit while I’m smiling” “Sometimes, you will be smiling, and other times, you will be smiling because you have a knife in your pocket,” he muses. “It’s the same smile. Some people smile because they’re crazy. Other people smile because they’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing throughout the day. It took me going on spiritual journeys to learn more about the universe and, at the same time, myself. I’m truly dialed into not only what makes me work, but the nature of what makes a lot of the world work. I have a better understanding of people,” explains Headkrack. This video is an offering off of his upcoming project called MikroDose and lyrically addresses the need to reset and re-engage. Wildly imaginative projects have never been a problem for Headkrack the ultra-professional wordsmith, MC, Radio / TV Personality, and Professional Boxer among other things. The song itself is produced by: Higgy Beats while the video was shot, edited, and directed by Kansas Bowling. This is your day to kill those inner demons and be inspir-tained (yeah we just made that word up). Wake up and choose VIOLENCE.
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