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Righteous "What Is" Video Ft. Ruste Juxx


Righteous releases visuals to "What Is" taken from his latest album 'and the DEVIL is.' The track features Ruste Juxx and DJ Mercilless.

DJ Mercilless sets it off with his signature cuts and scratches while the Canada-based MC/CEO Righteous is crate-digging, the perfect setting for the theme of the single/video. He delivers witty bars and wordplay that define an MC and DJ. What is an emcee if he can’t rap, what is a DJ if he can’t scratch reverberates throughout the entire track. The verses from Righteous and Ruste Juxx pay homage to authentic Hip Hop and the culture without sounding dated so all schools of Hip Hop can grasp it. Watch the video and stream the album below. 

Stream the album ‘and the DEVIL is’ below which features AKX of Righteous Revolution, B Fox, Kool G Rap, Rashad Roulett, Thirsty McGurk, Van Glorious, Ikee Mula, and the late Faith Walker with production by DJ Mercilless, Ear 2 That Beat, and bytman.







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