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New Video: Dobey Dobe - Gimmick | @DobeyDobe


New Video: Dobey Dobe - Gimmick

Dobey Dobe is a crazy dope artist that will cross so many different genres of music within hip hop and pop culture. We have not seen or heard an artist that can move like this since our introduction to Kendrick Lamar. 

Music is life; we can tell Dobey Dobe is living in the music and the music is living in him. The hard work that this man is putting into his craft is nothing short of amazing is starting to pay off big time for the young Arizona-born rapper. 

The title of the new video "Gimmick" seems quite unfitting at first look, but the ironic twist will shock you. The layers to piece of work are so skillfully woven together, that you may have to watch it multiple times before you're able to fully unravel it all. Click the play button below or the link to watch this masterpiece. 


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