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New Music: Shardella Sessions - Juice | @ItsShardella


New Music: Shardella Sessions - Juice

Shardella Sessions is bringing us bars along with that wonderful R&B vibe she always brings to the marketplace. Not too many singers can give you bars as if they wrote raps on a daily basis and then spit it like a pro as well.  Melody plays a great part in this but when your voice is as powerful as Whitney Houston, you tend to breeze on any track. 

The name of the new record is "Juice" and it will for sure light the club up this summer and many more following. The hook is super catchy and who does not love 16 oz bottles of "Juice." 

This record is the "Bow Down B%^&hes" of this generation, without a shadow of a doubt. There will be many dance challenges to this record, if it has not started already. And when the video hits, which we hear is very soon, the streets will be on fire singing "Juice."

With that being said, click the link below to get an exclusive listen to Shardella Sessions new single "Juice" which is off her upcoming EP called  "Gemini SZN" that will be dropping on the same day as the single. 


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