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We Got To Chop It Up With Stevens Adonis | @Adonis_D7


We Got To Chop It Up With Stevens Adonis

1. What was life like living in Haiti?

Living in haiti honestly was normal to me it’s not until I came back to the states is when I knew how I was living there .

2. When did you come to America from Haiti?

I came back to the states don’t quote me but 7 or 8 years old . Went to live with my aunt in Wyandanch Ny .

3. What were some of the biggest obstacles you faced when you came to America?

I could name two learning how to speak English is one and how wide my eyes was open to racism .

4. What is a memory you have from your time in Haiti that stands out to you?

Kite fights on top of my roof . In haiti a lot of houses have square top roof to collect water when it rains . But when it’s dry we flying kites trying to tangle with other kites flying in the air w across town . Than you wheel it in as if u fishing just to take the other persons kite to fly it back up . Kite Wars

5. What traits do you have that you feel come from your time spent in Haiti?

Work ethic is one for sure ,relentless is another I like because I can fail and fail but I keep going . The grind all comes from Haiti and the Appriciation too we could keep going but I love where I come from.

6. What is District 7 the label?

District7 is a music label and the table . Music label first . It’s where we silently invest in other artist , our artist , producers , videographers and all entertainment. And I say “the table “I mean everyone brings something to the table it’s where ideas get toss around , and where debates happens . It where we “create our own luck “.

7. What sparked your desire to start your own record label?

I’ve always been surrounded by talent so it was a a no brainer .

8. How did you make the transition from music to starting The Emerald Corp?

Honestly this happened at “the table” my partner now in that business Micheal Garcia is an executive/ artist / producer and his home is District7. So like I said the whole team always throws around ideas and him and I always talk about products and manufacturing. He was in a similar field already and we did ventures together from a young age and that it could be a good transition for us . After a few months of strategizing we decided we was all in. Took a smart leap created Emerald .

9. What advice can you give young entrepreneurs that come from a similar situation?

Don’t ever lose yourself and always know that the information is out there . Failing is part of the journey they’ll be the best lessons you will get . And live under your means and invest in yourself.

10. What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

You can expect a lot of new music from the guys I work with especially artist like “Brodiefresh and Money M “ ,a lot of cross branding , and a lot of new unexpected investment ventures.

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