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Exclusive Interview With Yari


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New Exclusive Interview With Yari

Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

im from Staten island New York, it was pretty rough grueling up there cause i lived in the projects which is hard for anyone growing up but i taught me a lot of things & gave me the tools to survive in the real world

How has your hometown influenced your music?

it made me want to be the best i could be cause people from here don’t really make it out with music they think we not good so then thinking that makes me go hard

What was the first record you ever released? Was it hard?

one of them was a slow r&b song called voicemail and it wasn’t hard i was able to use united masters to release it

What has been your favorite release as an artist to date?

i only released one song but my upcoming project will be my favorite cause of the people i had in the room with me when it was created

What has been your most notable moment or experience in the music industry?

working with skeme from inglewood in LA

What type of sound would you say you have?

i have a song wrap like if style

How do you currently feel about the music industry? Has COVID slowed you down at all?

 it’s booming and no music helped people thorough covid and being locked down i think

If you had to go to one hometown food spot for the rest of the year, what would it be?

i don’t really have phone lol

Where did your name come from?

i seen drake stood for Do right and kill everything so i thought of Yari which means young adventurous reckless intelligent ! drake my favorite so yeah

Do you enjoy the Miami music scene?

i don’t really know to much about it but i do know that miami is litttt

Favorite artists of all time?

DRAKE & Tory Lanez

What does Yari listen to?

Everything man literally everything

Have you always loved hip-hop?

yes always !!!

If you were to describe your music with 3 words what would they be?

a major vibe

If you had to tell someone to listen to 2 records from you, what would they be?

the next project will get everyone on board with yari

Plans for the rest of 2022?

Get a huge buzz and take off

You seem to be a versatile artist, has anyone influenced your sound?

yes drake and tory lanez

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