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Kodie Shane (@KodieShane) - "Cappin"

Hitting the scene, The Young Heart-throb herself, Kodie Shane, is back with a new joint titled “Cappin” as she’s gearing up to drop yet another special project & installment to her catalog of heartfelt melodies & witty flows. It’s clear Kodie has been catching vibes & not anything “cap” or less. A lot has transpired since we last heard from the songstress but it’s clear she’s continuing to show & prove against the boys that were amongst her in her “class” prior. With “Cappin” being produced by the late Matty P, Kodie is focused more than ever, while at the same time taking charge an setting a solid path for herself in memory of her longtime producer and partner, Matthew Pearson aka Matty P which helped coin the nostalgic intro “This beat’s so hard”. Kodie Shane’s Up & Coming Album is entitled “Love Roulette” & set to debut leading the summer. But for now Kodie offers up “Cappin” as an leading single, and not to mention another banger dropping 3/29, right before the month closes!!
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