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City The Great Pushes Hip Hop Culture & Elements Forward


Seasoned artist/CEO City The Great first took pen to paper to form a rap at the age of nine when he created "F*ck School." He recalls since then the rest being history. He knew music was to become his destiny so as he matured and perfected his craft, his music catalog developed as well. He released a series of mixtapes, albums, and collaborations with some Hip Hop icons. In fact, once Special Ed caught wind of City's talent and music he immediately signed him as the first artist to his label SEmedia. "I was taken back, City The Great is refreshing to the ears, his realness is authentic and he strives to keep the culture and elements of Hip Hop alive." -Special Ed

For City The Great it's just not about rap/music. As an artist true to the culture he's embarked on a mission to bridge the generation gap in Hip Hop. In doing so, he scouts and signs like-minded talent to his label Certified Nation Entertainment and also partnered with Kool Rock Ski of The Fat Boys to co-orchestrate the Annual Classic Hip Hop and R&B Cookout in NY. A yearly event in the summer where the old and new schools come together for music, food, and good vibes, what could be better. "He has great talent and is making incredible moves in the industry, he keeps me young and motivated, this is just the beginning." - Kool Rock Ski

Both Special Ed, Kool Rock Ski, and other founding fathers of Hip Hop are thoroughly impressed with Great’s ability to reach all walks of life at all ages through his signature storytelling blended with traditional Hip Hop and new age Hip Hop, with respect to the culture and elements. Be sure to connect with City The Great below and grab a copy of his latest projects ‘The Wordsmith’ album and ‘Respectfully Yours’ the mixtape.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/citythegreat

Twitter: www.twitter.com/citythegreat

Facebook: www.facebook.com/therealcitythegreat


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