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Pengame Classic x Casso Beats - 'Casso's Theme' (Album)

Pengame Classic (MC) and Casso Beats (producer) end 2021 with a timeless gem titled 'Casso's Theme.' The 15-track album, out now on all platforms, features Jus Write, City The Great, Jae Law aka Hindrix, Celdom Seen, Chambs, and Ha$h.

The duo embodies a NY Hip Hop vibe with cut-throat lyricism and gritty melodies from beginning to end. If you're a true Hip Hop head you'll get lost in the wordplay while head-nodding along to all 15 tracks. Listeners are sure to grip onto the raw emotion and honesty Pengame Classic spews. Stream 'Casso's Theme' and connect with Pengame Classic on Instagram @pengameclassic.  

Casso’s Theme on preferred streaming platforms


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