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New Music: Elite Sqwad - Prepare for The Wave

New Music: Elite Sqwad - Prepare for The Wave

Elite Sqwad is the next up in the Southwest. No doubt about how they flow and the way they work on beats. They got a sound that is not amateur but still street and slapping. If you never heard of them you behind them times because these cats on the way up!


The two artists Shorty Badmouth and Krazy Irvin both got heat. Krazy Irvin with “you should ever trust a n***a if he got his hair painted like a rainbow” and Shorty Badmouth with “if you don’t got it better get you some it’ll make her forget about the foul shit you done, you need to get you in the room with movers and shakers, conversations about what you can do with the paper, you ain’t got no reason talking to me”. Both these cats going in and if you ain’t know you then you are about to learn a whole lot about the Southwest and New Mexico! Get used to these two because they on the way!



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