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Maya Miko Releases "Money Manifestation" Album


Seasoned British artist Maya Miko releases his latest album titled “Money Manifestation.” Mayo shifts from underlying tales of hardships of growing up in third world poverty to experimenting with a new age sound and flow with a focus on self-love and laws of attraction. The 19-track album shows off his uncanny ability to incorporate Hip Hop, rock/rap, and soul into a powerful music movement exploring manifestation and empowerment. Maya enlisted like-minded talented artists for the album including The Ford, Kali Malia, Tausha Hanna, Kat Diaz, and Wazzmo.

I am Coming Back to Life sets the album off with volumes of inspiring jewels. We must embrace our true nature to create our own realities. The song is about making it out from the land of the dead and coming back to life. The captivating blend of vocals and rhymes accentuates the universal message. Started off with Nothin forces us to focus on what we truly love rather than fall victim to past struggles. Being able to believe in ourselves regardless of if anyone else does or does not, resonates strongly throughout the song. In I am Life, Maya is Tausha’s hype man. Her smooth heartfelt vocals touch on feeling broken after giving her all to someone without any reciprocation. To breathe life again she must leave. Picking up piece by piece, she shares her journey with listeners.

I Have a Positive Money Mindset invigoratingly motives to let go of the past and move towards bands and bags. Do not allow any mountain or man to stand in the way of personal grind and success. In The More I Give The More I Receive; the laws of attraction are introduced. To prosper in life, both personally and professionally, one must speak it into existence. Maya offers gem after gem on how to focus on the rewards of power and success. Let’s pour it up and drink it down in Chips & Rum, a song about celebrating who we are without allowing anyone to take it away. Life holds an abundance of enjoyment and opportunities to walk away from. I Am Worthy of My Dreams piggybacks and embodies Maya’s moves from trenches to crowns. He’s making it big, not gloating or bragging, showing off his earned happiness and riches.

Spinach Ravioli is a reminder of how Maya used to eat on the kitchen floor. Now blowing roofs off arenas he ponders why others still sleep on him. Magic Carpet sweeps that ponder into glorification. Maya is flying over cities without worry or any stress, rather, he is relaxed drinking from glass bottles in underwater lounges.

Getting Money exudes a heavy rap/rock vibe, which is needed to amplify Maya’s message. His unyielding blow-up allows him to get and spend money as if it truly grows from trees. In I am a Money Magnet Maya provides a visual of tubs filled with dead presidents including a proclamation to always add and never subtract…Every day in his world is a surreal blessing.

“I live my dream life and I deserve it” is the catchy hook in I am in Alignment with My Purpose. Maya used to fantasize about becoming rich but somehow allowed his worry and stress to hinder any plan of action. Once he switched his stressors into opportunities the rest is history. I am Debt Free serves as a lyrical declaration. Simply put Maya has everything paid off and even gets paid on his days off. The tables have shifted, he no longer frets about rent payments. Vision Board checks off Maya’s bucket list of VIP, copter and jet rides, keys to Bentley’s, and breakfast in bed at foreign islands. It’s now time for multiple new vision boards. My Wealth is a gentle slap to the face not to try to be like everyone else. Once we master that we are able to master our own wealth and master the direction of our lives. I am a Money Making Machine is for the naysayers who ever doubted Maya. For those who claimed he would never make it, look at him now…He’s on another level getting everything he desires and needs.

Grateful & Free can be noted as one of the most inspiring and motivational-driven tracks of the album. During a time where it feels as if the world wants to break you, raise your voice until it's on fire. Repeat this out loud; no one can define me, I go against the grain, the universe adores me. I am at Peace continues the marathon of empowerment. It’s about being able to define who we are, what we stand for, and accepting self-worth and self-love. Once this is established an overwhelming sense of peace will resonate through the core. Money’s Raining Down on Me is simply about financial freedom which equates to mental and spiritual freedom as well. Learn to put down the umbrella and smile in the rain.

Listeners will grip onto the compelling sounds of electrifying, striking bass with intermittent blends of rock and even soul. All of which intensify the lyrical and vocal triumphs throughout the album’s entirety. Stream “Money Manifestation” and connect with Maya Miko on Instagram @mayaoffthechain.

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