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Antigoddess Intro

Antigoddess (b.2003 in Moscow Russia) is a musician and a songwriter, known for her pursuit of experimental sound and vocal arrangements, who began her career in 2017. She began composing at the age of 14 and eventually found herself among many heart-touching and melancholic melodies that needed to be heard. 

Antigoddess took up vocal and music courses to enhance her skills and 
eventually posted her emotional and daring  pop-rock album “Fear”(2019) influenced by the idea of the diversity of emotions a person can feel and fear, as the dominant emotion that contributed to the development of a human being. Improving her singing and piano skills along the way Antigoddess came up with some new songs that demonstrated a great step towards authentic vocal solutions and quality arrangements. A genre experiment was
noted when Antigoddess released a synth wave cover on a popular “Sounds like a melody” song by Alphaville, which reflected in many souls in a new genuine way.

Working with cosmic synths and experimenting with
vocal techniques, inspired Antigoddess to compose her latest single “Cherry Garden” – an avant-pop composition with a smidge of despair and acceptance, translating
such kind of mood via violin quartet, angelic voices and a delicate arrangement.
She has also created the “Destination point” EP - a 
collection of songs about several specific locations
and feelings that they arouse. Inheriting the love for 60’s-70’s rock bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin from her parents and mixing it with a love for 
contemporary electronic artists (FKA Twigs, Sevdaliza) Antigoddess found her 
identity in the diverse music
world. Today she continues exploring herself as an artist and looking for experimental solutions in her future works.




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