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Will Ludford

Will Ludford Bio

Will Ludford was born in Dublin, Ireland;. The family moved to the United Kingdom when he was five years of age. They lived on an American air base in Wing, Buckinghamshire where his father worked. There he listened to early American blues music being played by the American Airmen on the base.

When he was seven years old, the family moved to Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
Will has been playing guitar for some time, starting in his first band in Leighton Buzzard with school friends. They played at local school functions and friends' parties. They played music by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix etc. When he left school he worked at a Garage, serving petrol and saved enough to buy his first guitar, He also worked at a music shop located in Bridge street in Leighton Buzzard, which was owned by Richard Watts. of Simms Watts amps fame.

In his career, Will Ludford has worked with numerous well known bands and 
musicians such as  Tiny Tim , Alton Ellis, George Harrison, The Barron Knights,, Abacus, Joe Meek.. chalk Farm Recording Studios, and played in a band with members of the No 1 chart  band Liquid Gold.

He also wrote the  Europe Chart topping record  "Indian Dancer"  for Glam Rock band Abacus., . Having several awards presented to him for his music, Will Ludford was humbled to be voted best guitarist for 2014 by XL Radio Europe

His new album "All I  Wanted Is You",  is released on his own record label.."Big
Buzzard Records...So far. The single "All I Wanted Is You" has topped the  radio charts in Australia., and entered several top ten radio charts in the Uk,,, the album is on sale on all digital platforms and physical CDs are
available in shops and Amazon.

Review of the album "All I Wanted Is You"  
from Blues/Rock guitarist 
Will Ludford.

A nice surprise when this album landed on my desk this morning,,,mostly because I have already heard material from Will Ludford and liked what I heard , and also
because it's a new album with 10 original tracks,, so I was looking forward to hearing what Will Ludford had in store for me.

Track 1  "I Dont Care,," well the first thing that hits you is  the brass section,,,then in comes the classic guitar  riffs of Will Ludford, his sound as always a nice tone, not too much dirt or distortion,,,and his playing still reminds me of Peter Green,..The track moves along nicely,,it's not in your face., it's a good radio track,,,easy to follow . a nice catchy track to open but lets you know there is more to come.

Track 2.."Till The Sun Goes Down"   Ah.. here it is, the Peter Green sound and style.,what a beautiful tone on guitar..subtle brass ..  the brass compliments the track..then in comes the lead break.. This is a lovely tone..His style of playing is  very much Peter Green, whether he knows it or not., it's a very nice laid back. track, again very easy to listen to, for me the guitar tone makes it  special.

Track 9  "Time Is Coming"  The house band brings this track in with a thick brass riff.. I am guessing the theme behind this track is someone cheated. and  has been  found out, and now their time is coming,, it's a nice easy  listening blues song.  The guitar solo again has a lovely sound and feel... the lyrics  tell you what the song is about..it's a song every blues band should have in their set list.

Track 10   ".Love Changes".
 Drum roll intro.. and into the song right away,, the mix of brass on this album is a nice bonus, it helps fill the track and gives a feel of a band performing., again the house band pumping up the tight rhythm section. I like the  
interaction between brass solo and guitar solo,
and Will has used mostly the same tone throughout the album, so  you get the feeling the album was made by the same band in the same studio..not sounding like a bit done here and a bit done
somewhere else,, the feel of the album is stable  almost makes you feel you were there at the time. On every track I have to say Will Ludford  moulded each lead break to  compliment the song, he makes the  lead breaks part of the song it's not just a flurry of notes to impress anyone. 
he thoughtfully played  only what was needed, and that's what a good guitarist
should do.

To sum up this album. 10 very good original tracks with high quality lyrics..,, a house band section that  got behind the idea of the album and added  a working band feel as they played live in the studio.,. an easy listening album that  a lot of people will like and enjoy,, some tracks will be radio favourites.. The title track should be a hit if there was any justice.. and a guitar player in Will Ludford who brought to the table ,  Feel, tone, emotion, and imagination..
Peter Mills For Buzzard Globle Media.

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