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Buddha’s Sister - All Your Noise

Buddha’s Sister releases title track for her  

new album ‘All Your Noise’ 

VANCOUVER, WA – The latest album from underground artist Buddha’s Sister is an impressive blend of genres with an EDM vibe. It’s a song that embraces ethereal House music, albeit with a bit of an alt rock edge. “All Your Noise” is an album and song that explores the effects of negative thoughts in combination with everyday experiences and how those thoughts can corrode an otherwise healthy relationship with oneself, others and the world around us.  

“If you’re going to continue to think about only bad things, you’re not focusing on being productive.  Lift up your mind however you can, even if that just means physically looking to the sky” Buddha’s Sister said. “There’s a lot of noise going on in the world right now and this song explores the effects of negativity in conjunction with working to keep a positive outlook.” 

Her newest album “All Your Noise” is slated for release across all streaming platforms on Oct. 1. Inspired by many of the issues happening now throughout the world and over the past couple of years, the album is a collection of topics that explore positivity and the escape from dark thoughts and depressive moods and are prevalent and unavoidable.  It’s a project that Buddha’s Sister considered her best work yet, rhythmic, poetic and melodic with sounds that invite listeners to vibe with. 

“My sound is influenced by a lot of different styles and genres,” Buddha’s Sister said. “I am a music enthusiast – I listen to everything, if it grooves, I can dig it.  Ultimately, I like to express myself in a poetically lyrical way that’s poignant, unique and which hopefully helps to paints a picture for the listener where they can find themselves and relate.” 

Buddha’s Sister has developed her unique style of expression over the last 20 years of song-writing and performing.  She is known for being an artist who is honest, authentic and expressive. Her music showcases a woman with a free spirit who endeavors to help others look at the brighter side of things and use music as a means of finding peace in the midst of their tumultuous lives.  

“I have a lot of experience dealing with unfavorable and difficult situations, and I, of course, cannot help but express that through my music,” she said. “Yet while all my experiences have undoubtedly shaped me and, to some degree, my perception of the world, music has always been my center.  I have always held the artists who have inspired me in such a high regard, that if my music can speak to and help others find a commonality in knowing we are not alone, then that’s really the greatest thing I could hope to achieve – that and a steady head bob.” 

To listen to Buddha’s Sister’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 

“All Your Noise”: https://soundcloud.com/buddhassister/all-your-noise 





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