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KJ-Wita-AK (@KjWitaAk1) - "Get It, Grab It"

Upcoming Minneapolis recording artist KJ-WITA-AK premieres his visual "Get It, Grab it." The audio was recorded in his basement in his in-home studio during the George Floyd kaos and riots in his hometown Minnesota. The record was a freestyle he did with Pro Nyne Tre who he shouts out to even after their fallout over an earlier recording. The music video was shot in the streets of Minneapolis right on Lake and Cedar in South Mpls. In the visual you can see all of the destruction that happened in his city after the riots. KJ accumulated over a half a million streams so far just this year. For his great achievement he celebrated by deciding to go downtown Los Angeles on Skidrow during the pandemic and gave back to the community. He gave out food to the homeless and gave them positive vibrations and words of wisdom during their time of need. KJ has released 10 songs just this year and ever since his streaming numbers have been rising. Listen to KJ's "Get It, Grab It" streaming on all platforms now.
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