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Sa Money - No Effort


Master of his craft displays raw talent on hot new single ‘No Effort’ 

BRONX, NY – Sometimes writing a song is a long, arduous process. But sometimes inspiration strikes like lightning in a bottle, and when it does a smash hit can seem to appear out of nowhere. That’s the case for the latest single from East Coast artist Sa Money.  

The song is appropriately called “No Effort,” and it is the first of three singles that he plans to drop before the end of the summer. The single is a statement about this young artist’s journey through the music industry and how his unique and signature sound are lighting up an overcrowded marketplace with fresh and intriguing ideas.  

“I’m in a space where I’m locked in and nobody can f**k with me,” Sa Money said. “Anything is on the menu right now and I’m taking it to another level. This single is a testament to that. It came out of nowhere. It wasn’t something we expected. We originally just wanted to push some singles one at a time. But as I started going to the studio we were creating really great tracks in a really short amount of time. With the grace of God and my work ethic we created six songs almost effortlessly. The music is timeless and the quality is great, but the effort behind it was small because it was just me vibing and being in the pocket. It was just me going into the studio and doing what we do and we wound up finding some type of masterpiece in there.” 

With this song, fans will get to see not only a master at the height of his craft, but also an artist who’s trajectory has been steadily rising since he first came onto the scene about four years ago. Though music has always been a part of his life, he didn’t take it seriously as a recording artist until about four years ago when he and his wife moved from down south back to his hometown of The Bronx. His brother’s wife had just lost her life due to gun violence, and the experience inspired Sa to pursue music on a different level. He dropped his first video – a collaboration with some other talented rappers from neighborhood – and it took off, reaching nearly 20,000 streams organically. He followed that with his first project, “I’m Far From Over,” and started making a buzz in the industry. By the summer of 2019 he was being featured in major showcases and performing at festivals like South X Southwest. He also got involved in a Web series called “Old Heads,” which used his music as a soundtrack and for which he was a series regular during season 3. He followed that experience with another project called “Mastered The Art,” which further propelled him into national fame. And now with “No Effort” he’s ready to take that notoriety to an international level. 

“I definitely want my music to be inspirational to people,” he said. “My music is relatable to what I got going on, but also to people who have things going on they’re fighting through. I come from a place where you have to grind for everything you’ve got. I tend to speak about those things and the specifics of that. And I end up touching people throughout the world. Issues and problems can stem from many different things, and music is one of those things people gravitate to and helps them get through whatever they’re going through. I just love the culture of hip-hop and want to represent that as a whole, and I want to stay original and be me and give a breath of fresh air to that hip-hop culture.” 

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