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Angel Is Chris - Scrunchie


New York’s Angel flings feisty, fun new feature with hit single ‘Scrunchie’ 

NEW YORK, NY – New York’s Angel has released a flashy, fun and feisty new track called “Scrunchie” that is the perfect cap to the summer. Angel Is Chris is a new voice on the scene who has been grabbing attention from industry insiders and an ever-widening fanbase for the past few months, and her new hit single is set to propel her onto the international stage in major ways. Exploring all the ways a woman can have fun with her boyfriend, this sexy and playfully aggressive track is the kind of feisty-fun vibe that fans will be playing on repeat for years to come. 

A native of New York, Angel has been a fast-rising underground lyricist for the past few years who has made a name for herself as a clever artist who uses playful melodies mixed with a new York attitude. That standout style led to her nickname as New York’s Angel, and she’s been using that leverage to expand her reputation in recent months. She’s been showcasing her versatility and adept songwriting ability, and with “Scrunchie” she’s ready to take her success to the next level. 

“Most of my music is super aggressive and sexual, but this is the first song I’m not rapping or all about the bars,” Angel said. “I’m just having fun and that melodic sound is what I’m trying to push. I’m trying to find myself between R&B and Hip-hop and Trap and even some Rock and Roll. I’m a sweetheart, and people know that when they meet me. I’m also fearless and I’m gonna give you what you give me. If you can feel that fearlessness in my music, that’s the ultimate thing I’m trying to portray. Don’t let the world get you down.” 

Though Angel has been doing music randomly for the better part of the past 10 years, it has only been recently that she dove into it full-time and decided to make it a professional career. She’s had to learn the business on her own and has developed an ability to do everything herself – from songwriting and rapping to producing and even some mixing and mastering. She loves to explore avenues of relationships within her songwriting, and her sound often is inspired by a mashup of anything from The Oldies of the 1950s and 60s to the aggression of 90s bands like No Doubt, and even modern-day legends like Beyonce and Jay-Z. That fusion of sound makes her a standout artist who cannot be denied. 

Angel said she’s planning on dropping a new EP called “Dreaming Under Issues” sometime in early 2022, though prior to that she’ll release another single called “Belly Dance” later this year.  

To listen to Angel Is Chris’ music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 



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