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Jonathon Karabekian - Dog - PROMO

Jonathon Karabekian is a Métis artist and songwriter from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has an incredibly diverse approach to songwriting, exploring genres as diverse as hip-hop, alternative rock, punk, and pretty much anything in between. What makes his work special is the absolute creative freedom that defines it, enabling Jonathon to explore his artistry in full color. Jonathon works across different media formats, thinking of his works as evocative moments that aren’t necessarily bound by narrative threads. His music and artworks are all about stimulating memory and building experiences, going for a multifaceted twist that is incredibly easy to relate to for people of all walks of life.

The artist released his first album, Participation Awards, in 2020. The record features 7 tracks, each showcasing a different aspect of the artist’s flow. In 2021, Jonathon doubled down on his music with some amazing new releases. He dropped an EP titled nervosa, with 4 new tracks, including two reworked versions of “Grateful” and “Happy,” which also appeared on the artist’s previous full-length album. His studio single, “Four Walls”, highlights Jonathon’s ability to keep setting the bar higher and explore the possibilities of his creativity.

Today, the music scene seems to be as diverse as ever on the surface. However, it is more and more common to see artists seemingly getting stuck in their comfort zone and their usual patterns of thoughts and actions. This is definitely not the case for Jonathon Karabekian, an artist who is always willing to experiment with new ideas. His most recent studio release, This Robot Can Move, which has a stunning and distinctive combination of world- class production and spot-on lyrics that add more realness to the entire “package.”

Jonathon creates music freely, exploring new ideas without being bound to any constraints or limitations. This Robot Can Move follows in the same path, highlighting his continuous growth as an artist, and human.


Prince Albert rapper/producer Jonathon Karabekian releases a new single, “Dog”, the first track from his upcoming This Robot Can Move album and an incisive expression of doubt and the never-ending search for one's place/ purpose in life. Music Written and Produced by Ganga Beats, the Country/ Rap crossover centers Karabekian in the first-person narrative, telling of a fractured yet surprisingly upbeat, pre-nihilistic phase.

“I never believed in magic, but I know what love is” Karabekian rhymes over the smooth kick and crisp acoustic guitar, before reminiscing and making an ode to personal strength and self-discovery. Karabekian questions whether or not his confusion with the world is the result of a missing deity, an all-too- common reality that he seems to dance around with razor-sharp focus in this heartfelt narrative.

Of the song he says, “it’s something that’s been said a thousand times before, don’t take anything for granted. It’s easy to misbelieve in permanence, everybody wants something that’ll last forever. Whether it be their relationship or job or maybe even something as small as moment, everybody wants it, so it’s easy to forget how frail it all is.”

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