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Lil Dodge - Substance


Lil Dodge gets raw and real with relatable new track ‘Substance’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – Michael Dodge has always battled a lot of emotional distress and anxiety. Known among friends and within the music industry as Lil Dodge, this hedge-fund-manager by day is a bona-fide recording artist by night whose unique brand of music has been making waves around the world in recent months. Audiences of his music can hear the pain and desperation as he sings and raps across tracks that range from Rock and Hip-hop to Soul and R&B, with tinges of Pop and electronic thrown in. It’s as if listeners are getting an inside peek at his scarred soul, and anyone who has gone through some kind of trial or tribulation will be able to immediately relate with his music. 

His latest single, “Substance,” is a perfect example. It’s a song that’s hard to label, and almost is its own sub-genre of Rock, Rap and Soul. It’s a song that perfectly captures the emotional distress from which Lil Dodge creates his art. Opening with a soundbite from an emergency situation trying to save someone’s life, the song slowly and smoothly makes its way into a swaying groove that perfectly features Lil Dodge’s gravelly tenor vocals. Pain and desperation are forefront in both his lyrics and his vocal performance, and immediately audiences are brought into a world of deep emotions. 

“I’m a guy who is constantly stuck in my head,” Lil Dodge said. “I’m always arguing with myself and beating myself up for bad decisions I make, even though I know I shouldn’t. So this is a song about over-thinking, which I think a lot of people can relate to. I’m not the kind of artist who’s talking about popping bottles and f*ing girls and making money. I’m being real with you. No one can relate to that other stuff because no one really lives that way. A lot of people can relate to emotional distress, though.” 

Lil Dodge said fans of Juice Wrld and Little Skies will likely enjoy his music, as those two notorious artists are creating similar “emotional distress” songs in the midst of today’s over-saturated commercial songs. Like them, Lil Dodge said he wants his music to be known for being raw and honest and relatable. He knows that’s what will attract the most listeners, but more than that he knows that the escape he finds through music is something with which many other people around find, as well.  

“It’s my release,” he said. “I can go in the booth and turn the lights off and just figure things out. Sometimes I can do it in one take, but more often there’s a lot of space in between the lines for me to gather myself and follow-up with some genuine, authentic lyrics.” 

Lil Dodge said he has about 30 songs ready to be released with features from various well-known artists. He also plans to drop a five-track EP in July called “I’m Alright.” “Substance” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

To listen to Lil Dodge’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 



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