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Garcia Douglas - United As One


Garcia Douglas brings hope to the world through inspirational new track ‘United As One’ 

OTTAWA, CANADA – Inspiration and motivation are central aspects of the music coming from Canadian artist Garcia Douglas. Her style is from the heart – from the soul – and as such it has a depth and richness that listeners all over the world are finding refreshing. That positive, uplifting vibe is intentional, and it’s put on full display with her latest single, “United As One.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “United As One” is a soulful track that encourages people to do their part in affecting positive change around the world. Like many other artists who turned to songwriting during the global pandemic, Garcia dug deep within herself with this single as a way to not only find hope through a lot of the heartache of the past year, but also to find words to help create a dialogue to bring people together, despite their differences. 

“I wrote it because I want to do my part, even if it’s just a little small part, in bringing about some positive changes to the way we currently see each other and interact with each other,” Garcia said. “We’re stronger together. But we’re so divided right now. And I just want to bridge and close that gap and find a way for us to work together. My daughter is 7 and she has seen the chaos of the world, and she’s so curious and wants to understand why things are happening and what’s going on. I want to create a new world for her and all children. I want to say, ‘Look at us. Look how well we worked together.’ We have to lead by example. So I want to be able to show people on a big scale how to look beyond our differences.” 

Garcia said she believes deeply in a world where we all are equal, and she hopes her music will help bring about some of that unity. That’s not a manufactured sentiment, either. If there’s one thing fans of Garcia’s music can be assured of, it’s that her art is authentic. It comes from whatever she’s feeling in the moment, and when you listen to one of her tracks it’s almost as if you’re standing right beside her as she pours out her heart.  

Garcia started her journey in music as a child, singing in church choirs and performing at school. She said every opportunity to sing was a good one, even if it was as a backup artist or in a group. She has always loved singing and entertaining people, and now as an adult she continues to do that as often as she can, albeit with deeper, more soulful messages. 

“Being creative gives me a whole new world to explore and enjoy,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot through life. When I was younger I couldn’t communicate what I wanted to very well, but now I’m in a place where I feel like I have more to offer. I have a lot of world experience, and I don’t want to keep what I’ve learned to myself. I want to be able to help everyone – to show them how to get through some things faster and better than I did. I want to inspire others to live their dreams, no matter their age or where they are in life. It’s never too late to do something really great.” 

To listen to Garcia Douglas’ music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 


Instgram: www.instagram.com/gdouglasfans123/ 

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/godouglasfans123/ 

Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/Garcia-Douglas-111813377807466/?business_id=321112046334819 

Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/2iDXmq4ySv4jjqM2PNas4Y/home

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