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Yung Yaro - Illiterate

Find What “Lies” Beneath Deceit With Yung Yaro 

Yung Yaro isn’t who you think she is. She defies any and all expectations. She rejects your labels and dissolves your preconceptions. “I like to read poetry,” said Yung Yaro. “That’s how I started writing music in the first place.” Yung Yaro has sharpened both her intellect and her songwriting prowess. “The last year has been horrible,” Yung Yaro admitted. “But before, I wasn’t as tuned in as I am now.”  

Yung Yaro’s song “Illiterate” beseeches a person to view the plank in their own eye before pointing out the speck in another’s eye. “It comes from the way people perceive me,” said Yung Yaro. “They think that you’re behind where they are. They feel like you don’t have a strong vocabulary.” She elaborated, “I know that you feel I’m this person. Realize that my eyes are open. I don’t speak on everything that comes my way. But my tongue is very strong. When I speak, it comes on strong. I know y’all think that I’m clueless. But I see what you’re doing.”  

“Fair Enough” represents Yung Yaro’s acceptance of the often crippling unfairness and injustice of reality. “Either we’re inside a grave or your mama making visits. Suicide on my mind,” recites Yung Yaro. She delved deeper into the song’s subject matter, explaining, “After I came home from prison, it was an oversight of everything that was going on. Those 3 years became so many years of my life. It was a hard time.”  

The music video for “Lies” shows Yung Yaro trekking through the graveyard of her own thoughts. She directed the video herself, using dark hues of blue and green to bring her anguish to life. “It’s supposed to be based on living within my mind,” said Yung Yaro. “Everything has to be dark. It’s supposed to be a fabricated story. The fabrication comes from you. You believe the storyline is a lie, but you’re actually living inside my mind.”  

“Lies” offers listeners an intimate peek into how deceit causes genuine, enduring pain. “When I visited the graveyard and the bathroom,” said Yung Yaro. “Those are my places. Those are either places I’ve been trapped or fallen off of. That’s where it starts. hTat’s where I am the most dead and alive. At the same time, in my dreams. But I want to allow people to come up with their own perspective of it.” 

For the foreseeable future, Yung Yaro has many upcoming projects. “We’re looking at a 90s EP. A different flavor, for me at least. I’m gonna try SWV and Boyz II Men. To reach back and bring those flavors back,” she said. Yung Yaro also plans on finishing an upcoming novel. “I’m working on rewriting my book, Betrayal Lives In All Corners (BLAC). It’s the first in a series and will be self-published. Beyond that, I’m looking at launching a clothing line.”  

Stream the music video for Yung Yaro’s “Lies” and follow her on all social media channels via the links below.  






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