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YRK Da Rapper Releases Music With Message


New Jersey native, YRK Da Rapper, has had his heart set on transitioning his love for music into a career. Through his most difficult times he depended on music as his crutch to carry him through every obstacle he encountered. 

For the young rapper, he doesn’t only have his heart set on money. He has goals to utilize his gift for the greater good. That is the reason so many of us turn to music; because of the messages it instills in our brains and hearts. 

YRK has a story to tell like most artists. However, every story is unique in its own way. The lyricist plans to share his story in hopes of helping others who have been through similar situations. He recalls the love and support of his mother as he walks through life. It was her encouraging words that enabled him to have the confidence and drive to pursue music. 

Releasing songs like “Madness” shine light on today’s current issues within society. YRK plans to continue to reveal important statements within his songs. As he builds his name and empire, be sure to follow him on social media and stream his music.

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