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Thug Misses - 99 U Ain’t 1

Thug Misses pops off like a little gun while rapping on hot new single ’99 U Ain’t 1’

VALLEJO, CA – As a half-Black, half-Latina female artist trying to make her way in the music industry, Camille “Thug Misses” Carlos has faced her fair share of challenges. Like a lot of other women in the industry – especially those within the hip-hop genre – she feels like she hasn’t always gotten the credit she deserves. That’s not to say she’s proud or even bitter about some of the things she’s missed out on throughout her career – in fact, she’s quite humbled by the opportunities she’s been given. But to say that it’s been effortless and without challenge is inaccurate. She’s overcome a lot of adversity as a woman in the industry, which she chronicles on her latest hit single “99 U Ain’t 1.”

Inspired by the hit Jay-Z single “99 Problems,” the Thug Misses single features fellow artists Hitta Slim and Mistah F.A.B. It’s a contemporary rock meets hip-hop kind of East Coast old-school vibe. Thug Misses takes it back to the basics of the genre by spitting some solid bars on top of a drum-heavy beat enhanced by live instrumentation. She raps about how it feels to be a woman in the industry, how there seems to be a problem around every corner, and how she doesn’t have time for any new issues new people might bring to the table.

“One of the key things that makes me different as a female artist in hip-hop is that I’m not talking about sex, sex, sex,” she said. “The majority of the Top 10 female recording artists on major labels are heavily promoting sex. That’s just not my style. I’m actually writing about something – like back in the day when Tupac and Biggie used to write. But I’m not sounding outdated. I’m still touching on key subjects that are relevant and refreshing for today’s culture. I put a dope beat to it and I’m really saying something important.”

Some of her other recent songs have tackled issues of African American and Asian American injustices in this country. Others uplift women and praise men for what they’re doing to promote feminism. She even gets transparent and attempts to motivate others out of personal struggles by inspiring them to overcome challenges in life.

Known as a woman who “really gasses” on the mic, Thug Misses has been in the industry for a minute. She started when she was younger after being discovered right out of high school by Shawn “C-Bo” Thomas of the West Coast Mafia Gang. She was with that label for about 10 years – writing and recording and earning her reputation as a aggressive and hard-hitting rapper. It was C-Bo who christened her with her stage name after telling her one day that “when you rap you pop off like a little gun.” She also loves to embrace the duality of her hair-braided-and-tatted-up exterior that sometimes she likes to dress up with makeup and high fashion. At the end of the day she said she hopes to mostly be known for her quality as a writer and rapper.

“I can really write,” she said. “I can be prolific. When you think of Tupac, people are still playing his music today. What he had to say never goes out of style. That’s what I want my music to be – never outdated. You can hear it today or 20 years from now and enjoy it.”

Thug Misses said she has more music that she’s creating with her business partners Jason Gilbert and Julius “LJ” Jackson of Eargazm Music Group, and encourages fans to keep an eye out for more singles this summer. 

To listen to Thug Misses’ music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 

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