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Brian McKnight Jr. - Sprung

Brian McKnight Jr. bring Prince Charming back to music with new R&B-centered Pop song ‘Sprung’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Brian McKnigt Jr. is a well-known name in the music industry. Best recognized as legendary R&B and Soul artist Brian McKnight’s son, Brian Jr. has left his own indelible mark in music with hit singles and roles in films over the past decade-and-a-half. He’s had a lot of ups-and-downs in his life, but through it all he has maintained an inner drive to spread love and joy to the world through his artistic expression. 

His latest single “Sprung” is another R&B-centered Pop track that continues that mission of inspiring others to love. It’s an R&B song with some bounce to it, inviting listeners to bop their heads while enjoying the sultry sounds of this amazing vocalist. Inspired by his girlfriend Adina, the song is about falling in love and recognizing how lucky you are when you find the perfect person for you. 

“My brother (and producer) Duke was sending me beats and rhythms for this new project, and I was getting them right as I met the girl I’m with now,” Brian Jr. said. “All of the songs on this new album will be around the theme of falling in love, and this particular song is inspired by her. Once I met her, that was it. And because of her the whole theme of the album is going to be warm and happy and giving people something to dance to again and fall in love to. I want to bring Prince Charming back into the business. I would love for everyone to be butt naked by the third song.”

Though the album isn’t slated to be released until late summer, this first single is available across all streaming platforms. It not only sets up audiences for what’s to come, but also showcases the unique vulnerability Brian Jr. brings to the table. As a veteran of the game who also brings an education of the industry most other artists could only dream of, Brian Jr. has mastered the art of mixing genres and creating unique sounds and styles that help him to stand head and shoulders above other R&B and Pop artists out there. Add to that the voice, which has been undeniable from the beginning, and Brian Jr. is destined to leave as big of a mark – if not greater – than his father.  

“Not too many artists get an in-depth look at the industry like I have,” he said. “This is literally what I was born into, and this project will showcase every single thing I can do. It’s packaged in a Pop way so that everyone in the household can listen to it. I think after this year everyone will finally realize I was born for this. It’s what I believe in my heart and soul that I was put here to do. I want people to feel something and take whatever they want from it. If the music can be as healing for the people who listen to it as it is for me to make it, then I’ve accomplished my goal.” 

A music video for “Sprung” is also available for fans to enjoy, and Brian Jr. said he may release another single during the early part of the summer before launching the full album in late August or early September.  

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