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The Alabama Music Awards Return On July 25, 2021


Written by: Julz Mancini

Within the entertainment industry, we have all witnessed the most successful entertainment gurus build their foundations from the ground up. When you take a look at Jay Z, P Diddy, and Russell Simmons, to name a few, they were able to utilize their passion for music to catapult their careers. It all starts with music; the driving force in which transitions a business idea into a strategy. For Jermaine Zeus Garret, this is exactly what took place during his journey as an entertainment professional. 

Jermaine, AKA Zeus, initiated his journey as a DJ during his teen years. As his experienced increased, so did his desire to make a change, not only in the entertainment industry, but in his community. As the CEO of Zeus Entertainment, Jermaine’s current and primary focus is the Alabama Music Awards. Entertainers within multiple genres, in addition to community leaders, come together to celebrate their efforts and success within their respective realms. 

This year's show will take place on July 25th and will initiate the event by presenting awards to the 2020 winners who were unable to receive recognition due to the pandemic. The loyal fans and viewers of this annual gala have been apprehensively waiting to witness Alabama's most prominent talent hit the stage again. Zeus is know for putting on amazing shows filled with talent, energy, and opportunities. 

The Alabama Music Awards will be locally televised on WOTM (Big) Spectrum Charter Cable Statewide and streamed globally via Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and the AMA website. Please click on the links below to stay in tune with Zeus, the award show, and community events taking place!



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