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Travis Shyn - Shattered

 Time stops with heartbreaks on Travis Shyn's New Single, "Shattered." The emotion everyone feels at least once in a lifetime, after a breakup - and then ask yourself,

"Did I Ever Matter?"

"Shattered, " tells a story of a broken partnership that ended abruptly on a one-sided scale. Travis Shyn, part of his signature lyrics, serves as a piece of his heart in the lyrics and the emotion he portrays with his vocals.

The single commences with an emotional piano chord arrangement and melody. With tasty vocal FX, "Shattered" hits his hard with the drums' downbeat and the subtle 808 to add a rawness punch.

The Hook, easily rememberable, feels like a brainworm, which we can always expect from the Virginia-based artist.

With a new album coming in Quater 2 (Q2), we can expect more top charters from Travis Shyn.

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