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Staud - Like This

Staud. is a rapper from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Brown University where he was captain of the wrestling team. During his time at Brown University, he studied business economics, but always had a passion for music, rapping, poetry and spoken word art. Although he has been writing for many years, he finally took the leap of faith into the world of recording. His first single "Like This" was recorded in the basement of his parent's house using GarageBand. Staud. plans to continue to grow and improve as an artist (upgrade his equipment too LOL) as "Like This" is a project that he hopes will serve as a catalyst for his career in music. The beat can be credited to LEXNOUR Beats, as Staud found this melancholic/emotional type beat to be the perfect fit for the story he wanted to tell. "Like This" is intended to take the listener on a reflective journey to the past, recollecting thoughts on previous relationships. Everyone has experienced heartbreak, whether that be as a result of a relationship, friendship or what have you. But the overarching theme of the song is to allow the listener to "Close the Door" to the past and "rise above" (move on). As we all know, if you are stuck looking in the past (behind you) you cannot see what is in front of you, causing you to crash. On a personal note, Staud. claims to have trouble sleeping, and his mind comes alive at night, causing him to reach for the pen and pad and jot down these introspective thoughts that keep him up at night, which he ultimately wants to share with whoever chooses to listen.

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