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Young Soldier fights battle of good and evil with new single ‘Back On’

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – Young Soldier, AKA Young So the Tiger, started playing piano at age 13 and hasn’t looked back since. Today, he’s one of the fastest-rising young talents in the industry, and his new music is lighting up the West Coast in major ways. His latest single “Back On” has a cool West Coast sunny day kind of vibe that’s a perfect introduction to the upcoming warmer months. It’s West Coast Hip Hop that’s full of positivity and as such, it’s not your normal kind of Hip Hop.

“It’s a song about being on the West Coast and living the best life,” Young So said. “The one thing that sets me apart from anyone else out there is that I don’t talk about money or clothes or cars or sex or guns or hoes or jewelry. I talk about the truth of the life we have – the struggles between good and evil and the decisions we make that lead to bad things or good things. I’m more of a spiritual lyricist. You don’t find that often, especially in mainstream music today.”

Originally from New York, Young So and his family moved to California to pursue opportunities in the music industry. He was first introduced to music through his dad who was a DJ for a popular party company. Growing up, he was inspired by music of all styles and sounds until he and his brother – DJ Joey Blaq – started recording together. They created a group called Blaq Ent – a Christian Hip Hop group that helped him hone his craft and understand how to put truth and reality into his lyrics. He still works closely with his brother today and in fact, DJ Blaq was the producer on “Back On.” The single is the first off a forthcoming EP which he plans to drop in the next couple of months.

“For my whole life, I’ve had a military mindset,” he said. “When it comes to this music, I am a soldier. I’m fighting a battle between good and evil with this music. Evil is definitely in control of this industry, and I’m on the side of good fighting with my music. At the end of the day, I hope my music becomes extremely popular, hot and well-liked, but without having the same themes as everyone else. I want to be known as an artist who talks about positivity and good things. And ultimately, I want people to be surprised by my music.”

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