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Edric Divo - Know My Name

Multitalented artist offers introspective look at identity with piano-driven new track ‘Know My Name’

BROOKLYN, NY – Musician, songwriter and producer Edric DiVo is on a mission to be one of the best in the music industry. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York but originally from Haiti, this multitalented entertainer has spent the last eight years writing, producing and co-writing songs for other artists. Over time, he’s developed a unique sound and style that has become an in-demand product from many other musicians. But instead of pouring that energy into other artists’ success, he’s now taking those talents and offering the world his own music.

His latest single, “Know My Name,” is a slow jam, piano-heavy vibe that pairs low tones with his high, soaring vocals. There’s a weight to the song – both lyrically and tonally – that makes listeners dig deep into the message. DiVo said he hopes people will find different meanings in the song but ultimately, that it’s a track he created to bring people together.

“It’s about being different and being yourself,” he said. “It’s about being an individual. We’re not all the same, and this song is meant to encourage people to see you for who you are. Look beyond what you see on the outside.”
DiVo said the song is one of those rare lightning-strikes of inspiration that just seems to flow out in a stream of perfection. In his case, that flash of inspiration came at 4 in the morning. He sat down and started playing the piano and “the song pretty much wrote itself.” That’s not unusual for an artist of his caliber, who has been creating music on a daily basis for many years. He started playing the piano at age 13 and hasn’t looked back since – working as a DJ, jingle writer for commercials and TV shows, and collaborating with other artists. Along the way, he’s discovered a definitive style that is unlike anyone else in the game.

“My approach to music is what sets me apart,” he said. “I’m not just a musician, I’m an artist. I love music. It’s my passion. If a song is good, I don’t’ care what genre it is, I’ll love it. I don’t have a preference with a specific zone I stick with. I can change my songs to fit that diversity and I just take it where I want to take it. From Pop to Rap to R&B to Soul and everything else – I’m just putting out good music and good vibes. I want people to see I put my all into these songs. I’m not just putting out songs just to put out songs. I want people to enjoy what I’m trying to put out and to feel love for my songs.”

“Know My Name” is currently available across all streaming platforms on April 16, and DiVo said he has more singles planned for release in coming months.

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