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Tonikk4100 - Real Factor


New artist Tonikk4100 shines a light on underbelly of Las Vegas life with new single ‘Real Factor’

LAS VEGAS, NV – A young artist out of the desert of the American West is aiming to put Las Vegas on the map. Tonikk4100 is a dedicated and extremely talented 23-year-old artist who grew up on the 4100 block of Arville Street in Las Vegas’ west side. He had deep ties to the 8 Deuce clique, and he and his friends are on a mission to show people that there’s a life beyond the glitz and glamour that most people see on TV when it comes to Las Vegas.

His latest single, “Real Factor,” puts the nitty gritty street side of Vegas on display. Showcasing his unique ability to let flow some lyrics, the song is a perfect introduction to his signature sound. Also serving as the debut single from his soon-to-be-released EP, “From the 41 to the 45,” the track is an aggressive, in-your-face take on the underbelly of Vegas life.

“People call it Sin City, and we want to show people the life behind The Strip that most people don’t know about or hear about,” he said. “It’s a city full of gangs. There’s a gang on every block. People don’t get to see that. People come here to get money in the casinos, and that’s not all there is to this city. It’s crazy. It’s turnt up. And it’s why I’m trying to put the city on the map.”

Working in conjunction with fellow Hip Hop Vegas artists Baby Flock and Actah Fully, Tonikk4100 explores a wide range of scenarios on his new EP. From hustling to witty punchlines found on the Vegas streets, to relationships and everything else in between, “From the 41 to the 45” gives listeners a very transparent and up-close-and-personal look at Tonikk’s life. Along the way, listeners will get to know his gritty and original style.

“If anyone hears my music, they’ll immediately get what I’m trying to do,” Tonikk said. “It’s too unique to explain. It’s just good music. It’s music that’s all about me trying to get this money, to be honest. I’m trying to make music people like. I feel like I’m clever when it comes to writing – I’m on flow and on point. And I’m always making something that people can relate to.”

“Real Factor” is currently available across all streaming platforms, while “From the 41 to the 45” is set to be released this June.  

To listen to Tonikk4100’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 


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