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"Stole My Bitch" Released By Mariahlynn Amid Breakup


Written by: Julz Mancini

It is through the roller coaster ride we call life that we learn what our purpose and passion is. Obstacles and experiences help mold us into the best versions of ourselves resulting in the success we worked so hard to obtain. Mariahlynn, music artist and “Love & Hip Hop” reality star, is the perfect example of a woman who has not allowed her hardships to cause failure. Instead, Mariahlynn has utilized those hardships to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Mariahlynn credits DJ Self as the man who catapulted her career as he introduced her to “Love & Hip Hop” producers. She could be seen praising DJ Self on Instagram for “taking her out of a dark place and giving her the best gift anyone could ever give…a voice and way to provide for her and her family.” After the initial introduction to “Love & Hip Hop” producers, Mariahlynn’s career skyrocketed. Joining DJ Self’s Gwinin roster was the perfect business move as Mariahlynn released hits such as, “Money Gun”, “Never Bitch”, and “Once Upon a Time”. Receiving over 25 million streams and 24 million views on YouTube, it was apparent there was demand for her presence in the music industry.

Having hip hop influences such as Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Eminem, Jadakiss, and fellow cast mate of “Love & Hip Hop” Remy Ma, Mariahlynn has blossomed into the best artist she can be, unafraid and unapologetic for being true to herself and her craft.


With her social media hitting over one million loyal fans, what better way to give back to the community than to develop a platform centered around youth, foster care advocacy, AIDS/HIV awareness, and LGBTQ inclusion. Having been through so much during her childhood, it is no surprise that Mariahlynn voices the importance of such topics in hopes of, not only shining light on them, but also making changes within the community.

Recently going through a difficult breakup with her ex Lito, Mariahlynn has, yet again, shown her strength and ability to remain on top. Retrieving her dog back was the cherry on top and even inspired one of her most recent music releases, “Stole My Bitch” now available on all music platforms. This was the perfect comeback for all of the trials and tribulations Mariahlynn endured during the relationship and after. Since then, she has become even more motivated to further invest in the business aspect of the music industry in addition to putting more emotion into her music. 

“Drippy” is Mariahlynn’s most recent song featuring Dionni6x which was released on February 26th. The official music video is already sending shockwaves through YouTube with its sexy presentation. The hook is catchy and the beat will have anyone dancing. This is definitely a song that will have everyone moving from the wall to the dance floor. The song and video convey a sense of confidence, sex appeal, and fun. 

It is obvious that Mariahlynn is soaring to new heights after difficult times. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to be a witness to the obtainment of new accolades! Stream her music on all platforms!

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