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New Music: Wae - Relax | @WaeOnly1


New Music: Wae - Relax

Summer time is right around the corner and every year there is a record that comes out that takes over the air waves and the internet. (The Two Most Important Things In Music) 

This year we see an artist , by the name of "Wae" bringing that record to the forefront. The name of this single is "Relax" and it is jam packed with summer vibes. We are talking butterflies in your stomach when listen, because the record brings so much joy in a time where everyone is not as happy as usual. 

In this record "Wae' speaks of his love for a female, letting her know that she is the one that has stolen his heart. The very interesting part is that "Wae" managed to create a love song while still given you a club and a street banger. 

This song is a hit and the world is about to know it. Click the play button below to listen right here right now. 

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