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New Music: "Take It Back" Ran Blacc of Crown Music


  "Take It Back"
     Ran Blacc of Crown Music

Relationships are never easy. We spend time getting to know ones likes and dislikes, and discuss plans, hopes, and dreams together. Then at one point or another there is that one big fight where things are said out of context. We then find ourselves in Ran Blacc’s shoes with “Take it Back”  his latest single off of his upcoming project Emotions of Man.

Take It Back” is the perfect make up song after a hard break up! Ran Blacc expresses exactly what a Man may feel when he has wronged his girl and wants to take it back. His lyrics are meaningful and heartfelt; words that a woman longs to hear from her man. This is the perfect make-up song that speaks when words can’t!

The melody is smooth and easy going. It has an inviting flow that makes you automatically vibe with the song. You can tell this is a sad song, but it also makes you want to grab your lover from their seat,  pull them close to you, dance slowly, and embrace the moment.   

The melody, harmony, pitch, and textures of this song combined have created an Amazing song that will be around for years to come.  Not too many of us are good with words, so we rely on good songs like this to fill in those voids.

Be sure to get your pre-order copy of "Take It Back"  on Apple Music and Amazon Music. Available on all streaming Platforms March 26th.  Be sure to follow Ran Blacc and Crown Music on all Social Media Platforms.

Much  Love & Respect, Naomi G.

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