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Jillian Ferrara - Losing My Mind

Small town girl chasing a dream inspires others with introspective new single ‘Losing My Mind’ 

STATEN ISLAND, NY – A young, 22-year-old new Pop princess is on the rise on the East Coast, and her latest single “Losing My Mind” is set to launch her into international fame. Jillian Ferrara is a new name in the business that has been generating a lot of buzz in recent months with her fresh take on Pop, R&B and Rock.

With touches of inspiration from artists as wide-ranging as Patti Russo, Pat Benatar, Ariana Grande and Britney Spears, this up-and-coming star has a sound that is both pleasing to the ear and progressive in its approach. More than that though, her message is one that is reverberating with millions of people int its drive to inspire people to overcome their obstacles and achieve their dreams. Diagnosed at age 13 with Asperger’s Syndrome – which is on the Austism spectrum – as well as bipolar disorder, Ferrara uses her music not only to help cope with the challenges of her life but also to motivate others. 

“I’m just a typical girl living in a small part of New York who is just trying to live out a dream,” she said. “I’m trying to see where it goes and where the journey takes me. I’m a very old soul who has liked artists like Bette Midler and Barbara Streisand, but who also likes Queen and Led Zeppelin and Joan Jett and Patti Russo. I want to get people to be inspired, just like I was inspired. I want to show people who have the same disabilities as I do that even though you have these obstacles, you can achieve your dreams and live the lifestyle that you want. There is life beyond your obstacles and downfalls.” 

“Losing My Mind” is the most recent of her musical offerings to the world. Written during the time of COVID, it’s a song that Ferrara said is a very personal and transparent look at life during one of the loneliest times of her existence.  

“I felt like I was going absolutely insane because we were in lockdown and so many things were happening,” she said. “On top of that, my grandmother was very sick and I have a mental illness that was playing a part and it all just came to a head. I felt like I was losing my mind, but in a sense I wasn’t. So with this song, I kind of just went with the route of saying that it was all in my head, that in reality it was just life hitting me in the face.” 

Ferrara admits that the overall tone of the song is a bit dark, and the music video reflects that darkness as it is set in the psych ward of an old-school hospital. She and her backup dancers, Briana Santigate and Chelsea McCloskey, wear old-school nurse’s uniforms against a backdrop that definitely puts viewers into an uncomfortable environment and brings to life the anxiety that Ferrara felt when writing the song. The video was produced by Liam and Oadhan Lynch of Bluelit Productions, with choreography from Nicole Serapiglia and additional acting from Briana Guaragano. The song itself was produced by David Rush.  

Ferrara said “Losing My Mind” is just one of many singles she has planned for this year, and that she hopes to put out a four-song EP this summer.  

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“Losing My Mind” 


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