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La Diva: Floetry Artist Ready to Show the World What She's Made Of


Written by: Julz Mancini

The developmental phase of an artist during childhood is crucial. Most creatives can remember memories related to music with ease. These memories are what helped mold them into the best version of themselves as adults. For La Diva, growing up in Bedstuy, Brooklyn was not easy due to continuous adversities she was faced with. Music, however, played a key role in her ability to cope, heal, and prosper. 

Receiving her first Walkman and cassette at the age of five, was the gift that started it all. As she listened to music, she began to notice that she had a good voice. With the help of her sister, La Diva was able to strengthen, not only her voice, but her writing abilities. She credits her music teacher, Ms. King Everette, for being her biggest influence in regard to her craft. It was during her time with Ms. Everette that she learned imperative breathing techniques, and the harmonization and utilization of her voice. 

Performing at a community event in Brooklyn is where La Diva received her first taste of spotlight. Since her first show, she has been interviewed on “Next Up Podcast” and at the “Tunage Showcase” by Bigg Vegg. Receiving an award for 3rd place at a “Jingle & Mingle” event developed by Los Publishing, Inc. and Lions Order Records was a monumental experience for the talented artist. It was at the conclusion of receiving this award that she had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by Kimone Smith. Most recently, she was featured in “Hip Hop Weekly” where she was introduced as a gifted newcomer in the game. 

With her career beginning to blossom, La Diva is off to a great start. She recently released two singles; “Runtz” and “Mentira”. La Diva states that her unique style of writing can be placed under the category of floetry. She is passionate about inspiring others as her mother, sister, and teacher have inspired her. 

La Diva states, “I want people to get up and cry and dance at the same time. Just be yourself. We are so in tune with following social norms that we usually don’t express ourselves because we are so afraid of who is watching us.” It is clear that La Diva is self aware and ready to show the world of music her gift. Click on the link below to follow La Diva for the remainder of her music career.


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