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Coco Kimmie - Keep Ya Head Up

Coco Kimmie combines sultry 90s vibe with modern-day twist on debut single ‘Keep Ya Head Up’

VIRGINIA – The debut single from up-and-coming artist Coco Kimmie is the kind of track that immediately demands attention. “Keep Ya Head Up,” released across all digital platforms on Feb. 11, is a bouncy R&B and Pop single that feels like a throwback to the sultry singers of the 1990s, but with a modern-day edge that is refreshing and needed in today’s industry. With a vibe that’s indicative of greats like Beyonce and Lauryn Hill, Coco Kimmie’s style showcases a mastery of R&B, Hip-Hop and Gospel.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Coco Kimmie started singing as a young child in the church. She learned to play the piano by ear and was trained to play classical music as an adolescent. Her mom loved Gospel and James Brown, and her dad loved Blues and Country music, so she was exposed to several genres from an early age. When she attended college at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, she sang in the USAFA Cadet Gospel choir and recorded her first CD. She served for 21-plus years in the U.S. Air Force, and upon her retirement in 2015 was inspired to sing again by her daughter. She began singing with the Chocolate Factory Band in 2019, performing in places such as the Sunset Room National Harbor in Maryland and some upscale private parties through Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. After working with the N2N Band and some other artists in the industry, Coco Kimmie eventually started working on her own music and is now ready to launch her solo career with her first single “Keep Ya Head Up.”

“It’s a song that stems from thinking about people during the pandemic and everything we’re all collectively experiencing,” she said. “The way our life has been has fundamentally changed. Everything we used to do or were familiar with is different now. There’s a new normal. I’m a very empathetic person and I have a tendency to sense how people feel. So as I was thinking about myself during this pandemic and how my life has changed, I started thinking about other people who might have it even worse and that was the impetus for writing this. I wanted to send a message of encouragement and hope.”

Coco Kimmie said she’s following that single up with another called “Shine” in April. Much like her debut song, “Shine” will feature her throwback 90s feel with some modern-day fusion. It’s a slow jam with a smooth R&B feel set against her soaring soprano vocals, and it has a definitive uplifting vibe. There’s a bit of a sway and a swag to it, and listeners will find themselves moving to the music as they listen to it.

Coco Kimmie said she’ll follow that up with more singles over the course of the year as she aims to build this new career and get her music in front of new fans all over the world.

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