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New Music: Shardella Sessions - Everything | @itsshardella


New Music: Shardella Sessions - Everything

Shardella Sessions is an artist that brings a special sound to the music industry. A sound that is so unique, that you know what she has is powerful just off of the first 8 seconds of any one of her records.   

The name of the new single is "Everything" and the record will be everything to not only the USA, but the world. This truly may be the sound of the future. 

In this record Shardella Sessions talks about giving the love of her life everything they want and need,, as a partner should and want to do for their love. The lyrics will resonate with anyone that has been madly in love and did or does their very best to put a smile on the face of that other person. 

She also talks about giving her love, all of her and wanting the other person to not let her fall. Although you may know your partner has your back, seeing it is something truly different and heartwarming. 

This song is truly a song that will be played for the next 50 years. The style, concept and sound is nothing short of timeless. 

In order to understand the point we are trying to drive home here, you must listen to the record. So with that said, click the link below or the play button to stream this masterpiece. Trust us when we tell you, this record is a game changer. 

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