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July Dreaming Releases Authentic Album "Manifest Love"

Written by: Julz Mancini

While there are many individuals who find their calling as they enter adulthood, there are also people who know exactly what their purpose is during their younger years. Having the innate feeling that they are destined for greatness, they pursue their passion, absorbing as much knowledge as possible related to their gift. Some are surrounded by loved ones whom share the same interests. Others stand alone in their purpose, striving to accomplish their goals while they tread a desolate path. For July Dreaming, being surrounded by musically inclined family members who believed in her talent, set the tone for her journey in the music business.

Church was July’s introduction to her love for singing and songwriting. With her mother being a self-taught Hammond organ player and other family members becoming gospel singers, July had a plethora of people to look up to during her childhood. As she obtained lead solos in the choir, audiences could not help but to be captivated by her unique talent.

Although singing was her true passion, July knew obtaining and education was imperative for her future. Acquiring three degrees including a Master’s Degree assisted July in landing a corporate job. Day in and day out, as July worked diligently in the corporate world, her passion for singing never escaped her heart. As her heart yearned for fulfillment, July made the decision to take the plunge and invite the world into her musically inclined mind.

Since then, July Dreaming has been consistently releasing music, blessing the ears of her audience. July recently released her album titled, “Manifest Love”, a project in which conveys soulful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and phenomenal production.

The album begins with the song, “Heart Repair”, an amazing introduction to the project. Britton Satcher adds depth to the track with his unique tone, runs, and falsettos.

“Trying to get my heart repaired. But baby trust me I care. Wanna take you anywhere; be everything that you need. I’m almost there, I swear. Can see obvious love we share. Gotta be patient with me, baby!”

Travelling through “Manifest Love” reminded me of times when R&B reached audiences, converting moods with sensual words and creating thoughts directly related to the songs being heard; the air grabbing days.

As the song “Miss You” seeped through my speakers, I began to reminisce of the times I missed someone dearly. During this track, July sings with purpose, allowing the listener to fully embody the words. The hook is catchy and repetitive, inviting the audience to sing along with her.

“Not ready to give up on you. All I want is you to be true. Miss the way you love me. Miss the way you touch me. Miss the vibes you give me. Miss the life we live. I miss the late nights you kept me satisfied. Always on my mind. Yeah, we on that type of time.”

“Waves” the remix featuring Verse La Flare, was an immaculate collaboration. With previous tracks conveying heart break and love, “Waves” (remix) allows the listener to hear a different side of July. Verse Rare La Flare showcases his talent during the beginning of the track, speaking softly to July as she embraces his lyrics with melodic ad-libs.

“Come ride it. Come and ride my wave. You keep it flowing babe. Come ride it. Come and ride my wave. You keep it dripping babe. You’re a star in my eyes. That’s why I want you all night. You show me things I’ve never seen.”

As the album concluded, I couldn’t help but feel eager to see what July Dreaming has in store for the future. This corporate professional has surely shown her musical abilities, staying true to her heart and her gift. After the completion of her album, “Manifest Love”, July Dreaming has left her fans apprehensively waiting for her next project. Click on the links below to become better acquainted with July Dreaming.






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