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Rill Lehigh - Shining in the Drought

Rill Lehigh a brand new aspiring Hip-hop artist from Miami, Florida. Although he only recently began releasing his original music to the public, he already counts his number of listeners in the thousands. From the heavy rotation his single “Flight Risk” has racked up, to the streams his current single is enjoying on YouTube, Rill Lehigh is obviously not just a clever stoner name.

“Shining in the Drought” is Rill’s latest single and video. The track rides on a slow and low Trap beat. As an 808 kick bounces slowly through the beat, atmospheric keys float in the periphery. The track has a foggy sci-fi vibe. To match the song’s dark groove, Lehigh’s voice grumbles through stories of life on the street. It’s about winning at a losing game. It is a hard and dark narrative that feels real, and authentic. “I don’t know what made me start rapping now. I think it’s because every time I go to the club they play mostly garbage. I’m just now rapping just cause I was sick of all the bs.”

INSTAGRAM : @rill_lehigh

Email Rill Lehigh: bookrilllehigh@gmail.com

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