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Livy London - Many Men

Livy London is a cultural curator, born from the streets of Brooklyn migrating twice before settling on the brink of northside, Queens New York. Moving so many times and having parents and family from all over the globe, Livy London became very fond of diverse music from a very young age. Music has been embedded into her soul as she continues her quest on becoming completely fulfilled and encamped by creating culturally captivating music and art while also embarking on the very lives' of her fans and followers. Livy London is known to represent many peculiarities instilled within, while embodying dance music and art in ways contrary to others. Her love for her culture and urban upbringing has paved a way, majorly influencing her artistry and her passion to “let it flow”. Incommisciblely, smart, wise, witty and a humanitarian at heart she is determined and motivated !

Insgtagram : @LivyLondonn

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