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Oxe'n Exclusive Interview

WITH Oxe'n

1.Where are you from? and introduce your self.
Originally born in Fayetteville, NC, I also spent a lot of years Germany, Florida and Georgia where I currently stay.

2. Is it difficult to be a rapper?
Not at all, my gift comes quite easy for me like learning a new language.

3. who are you inspired by?
My Mom and Dad!

4. what music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music.
My brand new single 'REVERSE". Just google OXE'N.

5. what makes you different from a lot of artist?
My new and unique sound of music.

6. Tell us about your upcoming project.Please just continue to follow me because I have quite a few projects that I am currently working on.
7. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?Getting people to accept my new wave of music and conquering all of my challenges that I had to endure throughout my life!
8. Any message to your fans?Never say Never, see me as being humble and continue to follow me so I can rock with my fans and they rock with me!



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