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One to watch: iAmMoneyMoves taking the photography industry by storm

iAmMoneyMoves was born on Aug. 29, 1990 in Baltimore. From a very young age, he fell in love with photography and was fascinated by how he could speak to people without even saying a word by showing them his pictures. His fresh take on photography and ability to tell a story led him to shooting major celebrities, up-and-coming models, also major industry musical artists, concerts, and brands.
His story began in Baltimore, but it continues to be written across the country as he is contracted to shoot concerts, fashion shows and lifestyle photos.
“It’s exciting to be backstage and on stage when artists are doing what they do best. I have a deep passion for music and I think that appreciation shines through in my photographs,” he said.
iAmMoneyMoves is the official photographer for Yung Inkky and T Savage. Other notable artists he has worked with include Cardi B, MoneyBagg Yo, DaBaby, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stalion, Marshmellow, Mariah Lynn, Jhonny Blaze, Dave East, Caskey, Young Moose, Bandhunta Izzy, Tesehki, C.O.M.P and many more. Also brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas. He has also worked with major social media clients such as Mike Khoury and Chrisean.
Celebrity photography is a tough business to get into, but Baltimore native iAmMoneyMoves is making a name for himself in this highly competitive industry by doing what comes naturally to him: Bringing out the best in others. 
In an age where photography can be endlessly manipulated, iAmMoneyMoves shows the real side of his subjects. Grit, determination and glamour all shine through as his camera work focuses on people’s personalities, not just their outer beauty. It is a photography style that speaks to others and has become one to watch in the greater Baltimore area.
With more than 10,000 followers on Instagram @iammoneymoves, iAmMoneyMoves is provocative, charismatic and creative as he shows the world what is possible when you combine raw natural talent with an enormous amount of hard work. He has proven throughout his career that perseverance and effort always pays off as he continues to push boundaries in photography.
iAmMoneyMoves photography is unique and very personal. He specializes in concerts, and also shoots fashion, lifestyle, outdoors, lingerie. 
“I enjoy being able to take one small moment in time and freeze it forever,” he said. “Photography is an art that captures action in real time and is able to take you back to that time in your and evoke strong emotions even years or decades later.”
It’s clear that iAmMoneyMoves has big dreams and nothing is going to stop him from achieving them. The next chapters in his story can be found at #iammoneymoves #moneymoves #moneygirls #moneymovesphotography #iammoneymovesphotography.
iAmMoneyMoves mission is to allow people to see artists in a different light. He captures them in their comfort zone on stages during some of the largest concerts in Maryland. He is sought after by many looking for a fresh perspective and gets booked to travel across the United States to shoot concerts, festivals and other major music events.
Although he has already achieved much for a young person, Money Moves doesn’t plan to rest on his laurels. His purpose is to continue to provoke emotion through his photographs and to make a name for himself around the world. 
About iAmMoneyMoves:
iAmMoneyMoves believes that his greatest feature is his raw talent for photography. He is a lover of music, art and beauty. He is driven to create a name for himself in the ultra-competitive world of celebrity photography and he is not going to let anything deter him. Money Moves has achieved great success on Instagram because of his charisma and creativity. For his tenacity and hard work, he is celebrated for his fresh take on photography and continues to emerge as a leader among young photographers. 
iAmMoneyMoves has also opened a YouTube channel show called Money Moves Mondays hosted by COMP (former DefJam rapper and video game character) In the YouTube show he is interviewing industry artists, local artist, promoters and djs. If you are looking for great knowledge on the music industry tuning into Money Moves Mondays will be a great experience for you. Also if you are a local artist or promoter getting on Money Moves Mondays is a great accomplishment and will help you get you name out there where it needs to be to grow your brand.
Social Network:
Instagram: @iammoneymoves
Model Mayhem: iAmMoneyMoves
Websites: www.iammoneymoves.com

Instagram: iAmMoneyMoves
Website: www.iammoneymoves.com


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