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The Lyrical King Kong (Black Galaxy) An artist from a very young age, The Lyrical King Kong, born DeVonderick Johnson, of Gainesville, FL. started rapping and creating music himself at the age of eight. He was inspired by his oldest brother Jordan June and his friends who started a rap group at the time called Tre five Duece. In highschool he participated in
extracurricular activities such as football, weightlifting, dancing, and being part of the SECME Club, but the music became his passion. He started work at McDonald's when he was 17, but he never liked the idea of making money by serving other people. His dream job would be to work as a
musician full-time and get compensated for his work, but he knows that it takes hard work and patience to do so.

For him it is easy to get lost within the music because He feels like he can be anyone and do anything when it comes to creating music, so he stays inspired to do so. 
Eventhough his brother and his friends sparked his interestin rapping, his influences in music were twista, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, Tech 9, and Michael Jackson. He didn’t get serious about his craft up until the age of fourteen and was finally gaining
confidence in his creations. His rap name  King Kong came
from one of his friends who said he turned into a beast on Mic, and the lyrical part came organically.

His music portrays storytelling with a authentic sound, which he keeps realistic yet relatable with his listeners. He has the skill to flip and break down anything into clever puns and great wordplay. Although, he can be smooth, lyrical or hard-hitting in his flaws. He brings that 90’s hip-hop feel and adapts to today’s generation of rap at the same time, bringing diversity.

His goal is to help those relate to him as a person with real feelings with his music, and at the same time do what he wants to full-time with his music and take Black Galaxy to the next level. His future collaborations goal is to work with Tech 9, Bone Thugs N Harmony and put his Black Galaxy label with Strange Music on a project.

The Lyrical King Kong
The Lyrical King Kong
The Lyrical King Kong


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