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Darhyan Murray

(LOAFFxBANDS) born and raised in Seattle,WA but when I was 10 i moved to San Fernando Valley,California. Honestly hated it at first but im glad god put me there because, ive always had an eye for music, but thats where i woke my game up. I remember being 7-8 years old and older cousins and brother always used to tell me spit a freestyle or something like that and i used to just go no knowledge of what i was saying no care tho just felt good to spit and thats where it all started. Then of course like every other kid got into sports put the mic down id pick it back up every now and then but it was just for fun. Once i got to high school i teamed ip with some cats who are now my closest friends and we was back on track ill never forget the first song i ever recorded Gucci mane Lemonade it was on a guitar hero microphone we wrapped it around the closet bar so it would stay and we put a sock over to filter and i was ready to go. It took me a hell of a lomg time to get comfortable with myself to be able to record i got that beat and i just kept writing and writing and writing and one day my bro was like "man you been writing on that shit for a min let me hear that joint" and after that they was like yo you gotta stick with this shit they just kept saying the bars that i kicked made me hella confident.

So fast forward a couple years into high school we just having cyphers at lunches and breaks and stuff and we had crowds kids were coming deep watching us spit it was crazy I remember one time it got so big the teachers came through the crowd and was lookin for a fight like why all these kids gathered around it was crazy. After that i was feelin good writing all the time but then i got some real inspiration when they came and shot wiz khalifas movie at our school but they aint tell nobody that it was gonna happen i seen it in the movie and I went crazy i was like what thats a sign they left something in these hallways that stuck wit me a vibe a vision i was ready to go off that. Even then just hella took my time with my music by now its like 2013 im like i need more i just jumped up and moved back to Seattle and was just tryna get right went through some life experiences that ultimately made who people are getting ready to see i went from Phenom to LOAFF i grew up fast forward to 2017 i drop my first mixtape tape on DatPiff "The New School" kinda out the blue but just to get goin and all the rest of the year just droppin tracks on SoundCloud did a couple shows to get some buzz but now in 2018 im getting ready to drop another couple singles and an ep that i just finished up called #2BRAIDSHAWTY and shoot some videos got a couple moves lined up and yall gonna hear some more of me coming up here in the future.

Loaff Murray


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