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Nicholas Ray Exclusive Interview

Nicolas Ray is an artist from Dallas, Texas. Nicolas Ray, and is Persistance Pays Off imprint has emerged from the Midwest soil has a powerful independent staple.

Nicolas Ray's  connection With Music Began at The age of 14 years old. Through careful motivation and influence from his family, this talented artist has created his own lane. As each complex line is perfected, Nicolas Ray becomes a more efficient artist whose fan base is expanding. He continues to light up Midwest stages as a solo performer with
a very unique and energetic stage performance. He recently received praised for his song “Showtime”, in which he brought together some of Texas, brightest stars. Nicolas Ray is a gem among stars, definitely an artist to keep your eye out for in



Q1 ; How do you feel after your album release?

A ; I Feel Amazing. It definitely has been an amazing process. After Countless Hrs In The Studio, Hours Writing, strategizing with my team, Hours Constructing My Marketing Plan, I can finally say that it was all worth it. This has been the hardest most time consuming project I have ever done for my fans, but I am so happy with how it has  been received by old and new fans. I  Feel Great! Defintely a ton of weight lifted off My back!

Q2 : What kind of fan reaction have you received?

A : My Fans, my supporters’ they Love It!! I put all of my heart and soul into creating something magical. The Feedback has been truly Amazing! Heart felt , and just to know that My Music Has Helped Those Who Are Going Through The Waves!. It's Doing more than what I expected It To Do, but I am grateful for all of the fans and what it  has it Done For Me!

Q3 : What's your favorite,  most personal record on the album?

A3 : That's Been A Tuff Question To Answer So Far., I have been asked this question many many times since its released. After a Long Debate, Surprisingly, as I shock myself to answer, I'm Have To Say #BetterDays, is the best track that is on the album. 

Q4 How are you able to reach so many people?

A4 : My Aim For This #IBelieve Album Was To Inspire You. Based on the responses I have inspired many people throughout the Texas area and also the Midwest. I Give You Hope, maybe Some Understanding Of Something That's Troubling You. We are all Humans.We all have Feeling And Go Through Up And Downs!.The Waves I Call'Em... I'm here to help you surf those Waves!.

Q5 : What videos do you have next from the album?
A5 : Currently Working On A Hand full Of Videos For This Project.  We Just Released The Visuals For The Single #StillTheSame Ft. Big Homie & Colby Savage. The #IBelieve Ft. Big Homie & Misz Sassy Videos Drops In October! 
Wrapping Up Some Footage For #HeavenOnEarth For It To Drops In Late November!.Following The Release Of #PlayIfYouWant In Later Winter 2020...

The Showtime Video Is Out!... So Be Sure To Check That Out On My Vevo Channel!.I'm Defintely Working To Provide Something Nice... Its Only Right!
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